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Clearway Byotech Ltd was established 10 years ago. Both myself (Steve) and my business partner Ian have a food hygiene background and with that the development and use of Chemicals to control micro-organisms has been our expertise for over 30 years. We have worked as Microbiologists with formulation chemistry during the 30 years and developed the first unclassified antimicrobial sanitiser for the UK market.

As a company Clearway Byotech Ltd has always been associated with biotechnology. It’s always interesting solving real life problems using this technology. With our years of experience in this industry we are constantly striving to a look at ways of developing new and improved products using biotechnology.

At its simplest level biotechnology is technology based on biology. It uses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop new technologies and products in order to help improve our lives and the health of our planet. It’s this technology that Clearway Byotech Ltd use and the goals that we endorse and aim for.

Clearway Byotech Ltd originally began by developing and supplying the unique Clearway Concentrate into the marketplace. This product has subsequently become a market leader for the removal of moss, mould and algae from all outdoor surfaces and is used by individuals in a domestic setting as well as those in the industrial sector.
Whilst we would prefer to not use any Chemicals at all, algae on slipways, patio’s and decking is not just unsightly but dangerous as it will become slippery when wet. We like the challenge of developing technology which can solve these problems with minimal environmental issues.

At present we are developing new products which will be made available very soon.

We want our company to be known as being environmentally friendly and so Clearway Byotech Ltd is committed to sustainable development and recycled materials.

For more information please contact us at: – sales@clearwaybyotech.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Clearway Byotech Ltd website. You can view our products which are available in our Online Store.

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