Clearway for treating dry rot!

Clearway can be used on treating dry rot, mould and fungal growth in damp buildings.

Use Clearway for slipways and jetties and stop the risk of slipping 

How do you make up Clearway

Clearway comes in 1 Litre, 5 Litre and 20 Litre containers and should be diluted 1:9 with water.

For our 1L pack size, mix 1 Litre of concentrate Clearway with 9 litres of cold water.

For 5L pack, mix 1 Litre of concentrated Clearway with 9 litres of cold water.

For 20L pack, mix 1 Litre of concentrated Clearway with 9 Litres of cold water.

Can I use my “watering can” to apply Clearway?

You can apply Clearway in many ways. The most economical method is using a pump-up sprayer (like a weed killer sprayer) and give the surface a covering so everything becomes wet. If you do not have a sprayer then use a watering can with a fine rose and wet the surface that way.

Will Clearway harm my dogs and cats?

Clearway is safe for use when your pets are around but we would always recommend keeping your pets out of the way when you apply Clearway until it’s dry.

Will Clearway harm my fish?

Care should be taken to avoid excessive over spray into ponds and water courses. A small amount of Clearway will not affect fish or aquatic animals.

Will Clearway harm birds or other garden life?

Clearway is safe for use in all garden environments with respect to bird life, garden animals and insects.

Can I use Clearway on plastic?

Clearway can be used on any hard surface and can be used on fabrics too. As with any biocide avoid continuous use on plastics as they can become brittle over time.

Will Clearway remove black mould?

Clearway will treat green mould and remove it from the surface. Black mould will be treated by Clearway and be killed but the black stain can remain. This stain will have to be removed by scrubbing or bleaching. Once removed Clearway will help stop black moulds returning.

Should I pressure wash my patio first?

Clearway removes algae’s and mould’s but we recommend any surface dirt is removed first before application. Once a surface is clean, applying Clearway helps prevent surfaces going green again and will make dirt easier to remove in the future.

Is Clearway environmentally safe for use around water courses?

When used as instructed, Clearway is not considered harmful to aquatic organisms or to cause long-term effects in the environment

Can Clearway be used on artificial grass or astroturf?

Clearway is safe on all surface types and will not discolour the surface.

Can Clearway be used on decking?

Clearway can be safely used on decking. A number of commercial bodies and stadium use Clearway on their wooden walkways to keep algae at bay and reduce slipping.

Is Clearway a general purpose weed killer?

Clearway is not recommended or intended to be used as a weed killer.

Can Clearway be used on plastic guttering and down pipes?

Clearway can be used on plastic guttering and down pipes. Clearway can be used on any fabric type, hard or soft, encountered in the home or conservatory.

Can Clearway be used on a shop canopies and awning to remove mould?

Yes. Clearway can be used on all awnings, canopies, garden umbrellas, parasols, and convertible car hoods. Clearway is safe on all fabric types and will not cause staining or fading.

Can Clearway be used on patio or block paving that has been treated with e.g. masonry paint?

Yes. Clearway will have not affect the surface treatment but will remove any mould, algae or lichen which has grown on the treated surface.

Can Clearway be used on white marble gravestone?

Yes. Clearway can be used on white marble to remove moss and algae, and has been used by War Graves Commission and the general public for keeping gravestones clean.

Can Clearway be used inside the home or e.g. in hospitals?

Yes. Clearway can be used on any surface inside or outside the home or commercial or government premises.

Clearway is a registered and approved biocide which kills bacteria, yeast, mould, mildew, fungi, lichen and moss.

It can be used for cleaning mould and helping to prevent regrowth in kitchens or bathrooms.

Can Clearway be used on conservatory roofs?

Yes. Clearway can be used on conservatory roofs and house tile roofs.

Is Clearway safe to use on Indian stone?

Yes. Clearway can be used on Indian stone and sandstone.

Some examples of surfaces that can be treated with Clearway:


Greenhouses, conservatories and windows.

Roads & Paving

Tarmac, asphalt, wet pour, block paving, concrete, gravel, York stone, etc


Brick, stone, granite, limestone, concrete, tile, rendering, painted rendering etc

Roofing materials

Slate, tile, shale (flat roofs)


Decking, fences, garden furniture, play frames, walkways and bridges etc


Play frames, garden furniture, greenhouse frames, conservatory frames, etc

Synthetic Construction Materials

PVC conservatories, polycarbonate surfaces, greenhouse frames, ropes etc

Artificial sports surfaces

Tennis courts, football & hockey pitches etc

Monuments and gravestones

Stone, granite, marble etc

Children’s play areas

Play frames, ropes, garden furniture etc


Roofs, breeze huts, etc


Deck, ropes, fibreglass, hulls, sails, canopies, etc


All external surfaces, awnings, etc

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any query regarding use of Clearway on any hard or soft surface.

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