A Superior Patio Cleaner

There is nothing quite like relaxing on beautifully cleaned decking or a patio, however sometimes it is difficult to find a product that can completely remove moss or algae etc from your decking or patio. Many people automatically think of using bleach, but this can be aggressive and can cause discolouration or damage. Instead, it’s important to use specialist cleaning products. Clearway Byotech Ltd have developed a brand of patio cleaner that is safe to use and highly effective. It’s a product that many have come to know and love! It’s there “go to” patio cleaner.

Our Clearway patio cleaner and patio algae removal formulas have proven so successful that we have developed a range of new products that include new formulas to care for a variety of different needs but produced to the same high standards. Our formulas are the result of extensive research combined with many years of experience looking into the best way of effectively caring for your outdoor and garden areas to produce a quality patio cleaner.

Say Goodbye to Your Unwanted Green Patio

Imagine yourself sat with a cold drink on your patio. The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and there’s a warm breeze – it’s summertime. There is just one problem, you notice signs of algae and moss that have started to appear over the damp, wet winter months. By now it has become very obvious and your perfect Saturday afternoon has been spoiled because your outdoor relaxation areas are covered in a slimy, green coating in fact you now have a green patio! There is nothing worse than a green patio, it’s not nice to look at but more importantly it can be hazardous as it can be slippery. Thankfully, there is a simple and fast solution; Clearway’s patio algae removal formula. Once applied it will continue to be effective for up to twelve months after the first application. It will banish the moss and algae so that you never have another conflict with your green patio. As well as thoroughly cleaning your green patio, restoring it to its original appearance, it can also be safely used on your outdoor furniture and paths.

Tough Patio Cleaning

Clearway’s algae removing solution is tough on patio cleaning but gentle on surfaces. Wood, stone, plaster and marble are some of the many substances which respond well to the patio cleaning treatment. When applying it you don’t have to worry about getting it on your plants or the grass as it’s not harmful to these. It’s also safe also to use around children and pets and if you wanted further assurances the patio cleaning fluid is also approved by the Health and Safety executive as well as the Control of Pesticides Regulation (CPR).

Long Lasting Patio Algae Removal

The bad news is that algae can grow just about anywhere in your garden where it is cool and moist, and they can also grow on most surfaces. As a consequence, very few patio and decking area escape being affected by algae. That’s when you need patio algae removal. It’s important to get rid of algae as quickly as possible as when it gets damp or wet it can become very slippery causing a potential danger to anyone walking on it! The good news is that for patio algae removal there is an easy and convenient solution. Clearway Byotech Ltd have developed our patio algae removal fluid which produces long lasting results. In many cases algae growth will only start to reappear after a year of the first application.

Cleaning a Patio Made Easy

Gone are the days when cleaning a patio involved time consuming, back breaking work. With a little help from Clearway you can have your patio summer ready and have the entire job of cleaning a patio done in under an hour. To make the task of cleaning a patio even easier there’s no longer any need to use a bristle brush to scrub the surface, instead we have designed a special spray applicator. This fits snugly onto most hosepipes making the cleaning of large areas simple and straightforward. Once it’s done you won’t have to do it again for another 12 months!

Clearway 5 Litre pack

Clearway 5 Litre pack


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