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Clearway Path Cleaner

Path cleaning couldn’t be easier with Clearway’s signature patio and path cleaner. Clearway Byotech Ltd have developed an innovative and effective product for the removal of moss and algae and the good news is that it is safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your skin or clothes! Through our tried and tested approach, the formula for our path cleaner is extremely successful in removing all trace of unsightly green on paths and patios, leaving them looking as fresh and new as when they were first laid. The beauty behind all our products including our path cleaner is that you can feel completely assured that it will leave all surrounding plants and grass unharmed. You will experience long lasting results because it attacks the algae on a microbial level without unnecessarily damaging the welfare of the nearby fauna and flora.

Easy Path Cleaning and Convenient Driveway Cleaning

More and more people are investing in having a new driveway. It adds curb appeal and in the long term can increase the value of your house, but like most things a driveway needs maintenance. It’s important that this is carried out, after all your driveway has cost you money so why wouldn’t you want to look after it. A properly maintained driveway can enhance the exterior of your house and last for several decades. The question is, what products can be used for driveway cleaning? Clearway Byotech Ltd have introduced their path cleaning and driveway cleaning products.

While it’s not everyone’s idea of a relaxing weekend, path cleaning or driveway cleaning are jobs that have to be done. At Clearway we understand that there are lots of other things you would rather be doing during your weekend, so we want to make path cleaning or driveway cleaning as quick and as simple as possible.

If you use the Clearway path and driveway cleaning products it will only take a few minutes of your time and you can then enjoy looking at and using a driveway that is free of slime and green. No extra effort is needed and to make it even easier, our formula comes in a litre bottle which can be diluted according to instructions. We have also designed hose pipe nozzles and spray applicators which, when attached to the water source or bottle, automatically dilutes the fluid to the correct proportions. All you need to do is direct the flow over the affected areas. Driveway and path cleaning no longer need to be a labour-intensive exercise!

An End to Green Paths!

Green paths are great when they are carefully planned with planted grass or turf walkways. However, when the green that is visible is as a result of unsightly algae covering your flagstones or brickwork, it is the last thing you want to look at and more importantly, green paths as a result of algae, can be dangerous as when wet they can be slippery to walk on. The good news is that there is a simple solution; Clearway’s path cleaning treatment is the easiest and most effective way to say goodbye to your green paths. The formula is 100% safe to use and is not detrimental to the health of people, animals or plants but is 100% tough on algae and moss.

Innovative Algae Removal by Clearway

If you have ever experienced the growth of algae on your garden path or patio you will know that even when treated, algae removal can be very difficult to achieve as algae can be very stubborn and reappear in no time at all. While most products available can successfully treat Algae, long term algae removal is another matter. What a lot of products can’t do is keep it away for very long. That’s where Clearway algae removal products are a successful solution. Clearway’s products have been time tested to stop the growth of algae for up to twelve months after regular applications. You don’t even have to worry about what to apply it with as we also supply a range of products such as hose pipe nozzles and spray applicators.

In addition, to assist with other outdoor problems and pests we have other products available. For example, our slug bell is a simple yet effective way to deal with these unwanted visitors, and so as not to look unsightly in your garden they also come in a variety of colours to blend in with your flower beds.

Clearway 5 Litre pack

Clearway 5 Litre pack

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