Clearway for treating dry rot!

Clearway can be used on treating dry rot, mould and fungal growth in damp buildings.

Use Clearway for slipways and jetties and stop the risk of slipping 

Customer reviews

Just to say thank you for this excellent product -we bought some to try on out driveway and it was worked wonders on the moss and the reformation of it. We are plagued with moss being north facing and have tried numerous other products with no success. This is so easy to apply that we went back and ordered more to keep on top of it. Prompt delivery service ( next day) and very helpful sales people when i over ordered by mistake.

Annie: Mold

Your algae remover is absolutely brilliant, and since January this year (2015) has kept our 50ft-long slipway immaculate, and saved me 5 hours pressure washing every two weeks or so since then, plus removed the need to apply harmful chemicals to control re-growth! It has also proved to be very economical compared to high street patio cleaners, so thanks a lot, I can thoroughly recommend it

Ken Roberts, Club Steward Restronguet Sailing Club Falmouth, Cornwall

Just received 3 litres of your product. Used on walls of large rendered Georgian property results very good indeed. Won't have to repaint so you have saved me a fortune.

AchieveGlobal UK Ltd

Clearway is used on the War Memorials to remove Algae and achieved the “Highly Recommended“ grading from the Royal British Legion.

Lt Col HK Inkster Aberdeen

Best product I have used in years wish I had known about it earlier. It does everything you said it would do I will recommend clearway to family and Friends

Mr G McAdam: Carlisle

The clearway is fantastic. I have a large area of patio and now I don't have to spend ages with a power washer. I recommend it to everyone

Mrs K Barrington: Stoke-On-Trent

Please will you send me details of ‘Clearway’ concentrate for paths, patios… and any other house/garden products you supply. As I have been unable to find it at garden centres in my area. I have found it to be excellent and would like to use it again.

Geoffrey, Calcot, Reading

Steve, Just Wanted To Say What Fantastic Stuff The Algae Remover Is - It Does What It Says On The Bottle - Very Impressive. It Has Given Our Pennant Stone A Completely New Look!!

Mr Tanton: Bristol

Thank you for the product! It worked extremely well, we are really impressed with the results. Please find attached photos of the slipway before cleaning and after applying Clearway. Allow me to explain a little bit, the marine environment in Hong Kong is pretty good for marine growth, make it 'extremely' good for marine growth. After 1.5 hrs of applying the first coat of slipway, because we were desperate to see the results, we used a power jet washer and we were impressed, the algae just came right off, where as areas with no Clearway, even with power jet wash, did not come off at all or thoroughly. We only power jet washed the top part of the Clearway area and left the rest to Clearway to do its job. (See photo 'After 1st layer of Clearway) The next day when we came back we noticed the first layer went, but there was a second layer of algae, it was thin, so we put a second coat of slipway. We came back a day after applying the second coat of slipway and it thoroughly removed all algae without any scrubbing or power jet washing. (See photo 'After 2nd layer of Clearway) My marine staff are thrilled that they don't need to scrub the slipway like they use to. The further benefit is that to clean our slipway, we only used 2 litres to get the results, which cost significantly less than the other product we used to use and obviously more environmentally friendly. Once again, thank you for your amazing product! And we will definitely be ordering more.

Hong Kong Yacht Club

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