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If you were to Google “green remover for path or patio” most of the suggestions will mention using bleach. While Chlorine bleach can be used for this, it is an aggressive product, so it can be dangerous and it is poisonous. The fact that the instructions when using it always say to “keep away from children and pets” is an indication of this. Bleach can also harm the plants and grass around the area that you are treating. Over time bleach can also damage concrete reducing its life expectancy. So, what’s a safe alternative?

Clearway Byotech Ltd’s patio and path algae and green remover is not only extremely effective but also environmentally friendly. Our treatments are ideal for all outdoor areas, including those used by children, pets and wildlife. As a guarantee of this, all of our products have been cleared by the Health and Safety Executive as well as the Control of Pesticides Regulation (CPR). This means that the product is safe to be used by the general public as well as by professional and industrial users.

All of our Clearway green remover products consist of safe and traceable ingredients, many of which are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. We also make sure that, as part of our commitment to sustaining our environment, all the ingredients we use are from renewable sources.

A Durable Yet Gentle Stone Cleaning Green Remover

Having a stone surface is a popular choice for a patio or path. It can be a beautiful addition to any flower bed, garden or outdoor living space and stone offers a huge choice due to the variety of colour and stones, including limestone, Indian Stone and Sandstone etc. Unfortunately, whether you have stone paths, patio flooring, walls, partitions or ornaments you have probably noticed a reoccurring problem – Algae!

Clearway Byotech Ltd has specifically designed a stone cleaning treatment which is tough on algae and moss but gentle on the stone. Unlike some products which can over time damage the stone, in this instance the stone is not negatively affected from the stone cleaning and so maintains its good condition.

Clearway Byotech Ltd has researched the principles behind algae growth in order to produce a product which can address the root causes of the problem and combat the growth of algae, rather than just trying to cover over the effects of it. By using our signature Clearway stone cleaning mixture you will notice a significant improvement. What makes this product unique is that it is guaranteed to keep algae away for up to twelve months so will not need ongoing maintenance throughout the year.

Long Lasting Algae Removal

For enduring algae removal, you won’t find a better cleaning product than Clearway’s special formula. With a long history of working in the food and beverage industry and learning the principles behind high risk disinfection and intensive cleaning, our Microbiologists have been able to develop through tried and tested methods a range of products to deal with algae removal. The products are specifically designed for use around the home and garden. Time and experience have shown Clearway’s algae removal products to be superior in effectiveness. Our products are also simple and importantly, safe to use, and will leave all neighbouring plants, grass, shrubs and wildlife unharmed and algae free.

Clearway Leaves You with a Clear View

If you would like more information about Clearway’s algae and moss removal products as well as prevention products, please feel free to look through our online catalogue. We have a range of accessories to assist in patio, path and stone cleaning making it even easier for you. These include garden hose nozzles and spray applicators which automatically dilute the formula with water as you clean.

Clearway 5 Litre pack

Clearway 5 Litre pack


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