Clearway removes green algae and stops it returning for months.

As Clearway is safe and easy to use it can be used on any hard outdoor surfaces to control algae. Clearway is used extensively in the industrial market reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Clearway is used to treat public spaces and private slipways and jetties to reduce the risk of slipping.

Clearway many loyal customers and has supplied many UK Yacht clubs, some as far away as Hong Kong

Use Clearway for slipways and jetties and stop the risk of slipping 
Clearway kills and controls green algae and mould 
Clearway is a liquid concentrate based on a mix of biocides which when diluted with water and used on any outdoor hard surfaces removes green algae growth. Clearway's unique action also protects a surface from re-growth for months.
Clearway can be used on all types of materials.....wood, stone, slate, roof tiles, patio's in fact any hard surface and even fabrics.
Clearway has many loyal customers all using Clearway on a wide variety of applications from slipways at boat clubs in Portsmouth to gravestones in Scotland, 
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Clearway works out highly cost effective due to its dilution rate of 1 to 9 for normal to heavy growth and up to 1 to 19 for light growth.

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Clearway kills and controls green mould and algae and stops it returning for months

As a patented formula and one of a few biocides approved by the HSE, Clearway Concentrate will not only kill mould, algae and moss but it keeps surfaces free of re growth for many months and in some cases many years. The result of this is that the surface safety and appearance is improved along with a reduction in the frequency of having to clean surfaces of growth. In the long term this cuts back on re-treatment time and costs.

Clearway Concentrate is not limited to just use on hard surfaces, it is a versatile product that can be used on fabric surfaces and comes with the assurance that it has never been known to cause damage or deterioration to any surface type.

Is Clearway Concentrate Environmentally Friendly?

Compared to aggressive cleaners such as bleaches and acids which are normally used to kill mould and moss etc, with Clearway Concentrate, there is a minimal environmental footprint and biodegradability surpasses EU standards. We also use packaging that is fully recyclable.

Clearway Concentrate is a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to address issues with mould, algae and moss.

Clearway Concentrate complies fully with the EU Biocidal Products Directive, REACH and has HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Certification.

Clearway Byotech Ltd was established over 10 years ago to control the growth of mould and algae on all hard surfaces. My food hygiene background and experience with the use of disinfectants to control micro-organisms in the food industry led to the discovery of Clearway and how it can treat algae so effectively. 


Whilst we would prefer to not use any Chemicals at all, algae on slipways, patio’s and decking is not just unsightly but dangerous as it will become slippery when wet. We like the challenge of developing technology which can solve these problems with minimal environmental issues.

Recognised that there was no technology currently available that offered broad-spectrum, long-lasting, antimicrobial control against mould, algae and moss, in a safe way. As a result, we could see the potential for developing a product that could treat Algae and stop it returning

As a consequence, we decided to develop our own product and so Clearway Byotech Ltd, has developed market leading biotechnology “Clearway Concentrate”.

Our product is unique! Clearway not just removes algae but by some clever Chemistry it keeps the Algae from re-growing for a long period of time making re-treatment less frequent. Clearway is also safe to use and can be used by both amateurs who might use it on their patios or decking as well as professionals working in a larger commercial setting.

Who Can Use It?

Clearway Concentrate is extensively used by homeowners as well as by leading companies within the industrial sector. It’s therefore suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

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