Clearway for treating dry rot!

Clearway can be used on treating dry rot, mould and fungal growth in damp buildings.

Use Clearway for slipways and jetties and stop the risk of slipping 

Professional Users

The industrial sector appreciates that the application of Clearway at key times of the year can lead to significant cost savings due to the reduction in the need for maintenance or cleaning of structures or facilities leading to significant cost savings. Clearway is a unique product and its patented technology works in a different way from any other algae cleaner to give truly enhanced performance both in terms of initial cleaning and kill, and the longevity of its residual kill effect.

Please take a moment to review the unique and patented science behind our product and don’t hesitate to contact us to see how our products and services could save you time and money.

Clearway manufacturers its product Clearway Concentrate in the UK to full BS manufacturing certifications.

Mould Algae Remover

Clearway Concentrate is offered for the Industrial sector in 20L poly’s ready for diluting 1:9 with cold water to make the ready to use solution. Effective surface treatment using Clearway to control ‘green growth’ has resulted in ongoing savings by customers mainly to reduce ongoing cleaning operations and the inherent cost.

Further, when treating the likes of concrete or wooden pathway, Clearway provides a safer (reduced slip risk) environment for the user, and when applied to any number of objects e.g. road signs or grave stones, Clearway provides for an aesthetically pleasing surface finish and one which is easy to distinguish.

The Science

Clearway Concentrate is covered and approved under the European Biocidal Regulations.

Clearway Concentrate only uses components which are acceptable within the global regulatory framework. (REACH)

Clearway is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended) for use as directed. HSE No: 9252

Clearway, in its ready to use strength, passes the following international standards:

BS EN 1276.

Bactericidal Activity

BS EN 13697.

Bactericidal Activity

BS EN 1650.

Yeasticidal & Fungicidal activity

BS EN 14476.

Viricidal Activity

PAS 2424 – 2014.

Bactericidal Activity – Residual Antibacterial Activity

Dry Rot Fungicide

A completely safe biocide which kills all fungus associated with dry rot.
Clearway will be effective against Serpula Lacrymans (dry rot), Coniophora Puteana (cellar fungus – type of wet rot), Fibroporia Vaillantii (mine fungus) and Asterostroma Sp, Donkioporia Expansa & Phellinis Contiguous (all white rots – type of wet rots).

The Competition

Other ‘algae killers’ in the marketplace are just that – they kill ‘green growth’. Most are based on a single biocidal agent, usually benzalkonium chloride. This is a commonplace biocide used extensively throughout industry to kill micro-organisms. This biocide has a very limited residual kill effect, usually a matter of hours only.

What this means is that once the product has been applied to a surface, it will kill off the green growth over a period of a number of days. The claim that ‘green growth’ will not return for many months is based on the premis that once all ‘green growth’ has been killed off, there will be a natural period of time before recolonisation takes place. In damp, shady areas this recolonisation can take place in a small number of weeks. As the product has no residual kill component left on the surface, regrowth occurs unhindered.

Clearway – Long Term Residual Kill

Essentially, a number of different biocides are blended together and held onto a polymer backbone.

When applied to a surface, this blend of biocides gives an enhanced but safe initial kill to ensure that all ‘green growth’ is rapidly killed off in a small number of days. In ideal conditions, this can be as little as 24 hours.

At the same time as carrying out the initial ‘green growth’ kill, the polymer backbone attaches itself to the surface and forms an invisible, harmless, permeable mono layer.
Attached to the polymer backbone are residual biocidal agents which attract micro-organisms to it by virtue of molecular polarity. Once the micro-organism comes into contact with the biocidal agent, it is killed off. Depending upon atmospheric conditions, this residual kill effect will keep surfaces clear of ‘green growth’ for very many months, even years.

Clearway Protects, others don’t!

Clearway is unique in its chemistry and unrivalled in the way it performs.

Let Clearway reduce your business costs and make for a safer, more pleasing environment

Clearway is designed to be highly effective in killing algae, moss, fungi, lichen, bacteria and viruses on external hard surfaces. It is also a wood preservative for use against wood rotting fungi on external timbers.

Clearway is a water-based concentrate that has excellent hard water tolerance.

Clearway is:

Easy to use
Highly cost effective
Fully biodegradable to EU standards
Non bio-accumulating.
Safe for children, pets, animals, grass and plants
Non staining
Contains no hazardous chemicals
Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-leaching
Safe on delicate surfaces e.g. fabrics

Examples of Industrial Uses for Clearway

Amongst others Clearway is used / approved by:

Ministry of Defence
National Heritage
County Councils
Insurance Companies ( surface treatment following fire or flood damage)
Private and public Marina’s
Football & Rugby stadia (seat treatment)
Golf courses
Road traffic management (road signs)
Public buildings
Motor museums
Housing Associations
Healthcare Institutions
Professional landscapers and gardeners
Public Houses (building exterior, seating, and outdoor smoking areas)
Food factories
The Pet Trade
Professional stables & studs
Oil & Gas Refineries
Pest Control Industries

clearway algae and mould treatment product